Sliced Pineapple

This is a wonderfully scrappy block. I've used blacks, reds, and tans - as many as I could get my hands on of each color for this fun quilt block. So how do I give you a supply list? Well, I can't. But here's what you do: choose a color scheme of three colors. Be sure there is contrast in your choices. For example, the tan is a constant light contrast from the other colors, however since some of the reds I've used are quite dark the contrast in that case is provided with clor. A few of the blacks have some small amounts of white in them or tend to be a dark grey and then again the contrast is one of color. Next consideration is variety in the block. The block is an 8" finished block but it is in putting four together that you will come up with the stunning design.

Materials and Cutting Instructions:

In each 8" block you should strive to use:

If you use scraps only you will need some large enough to cut:

So if you have fabric that you can cut across the width for strips then cut a few strips these widths from each fabric. Of course, you will repeat the use of these fabrics in other positions in other blocks.

Your color choices can be anything you like. If you have a friend who is using the same color scheme as you are it would be fun to trade fabrics whe you get started.

So to reiterate the supply list: as much as you have! You're going to love it!