Scrap Bonanza

Materials List and Cutting Instructions

You may use either fabrics like I have, or pastel prints would work well as a baby quilt. How about red, white and blue, or Christmas prints? Whatever you choose it will work great, and you will love it.

Fabrics: A combination of plaids and prints work well in this quilt. You will not be able to duplicate the fabrics in my quilt, because the came from my stash and most are older.

If you are using scrap fabrics, you will need :

There is not a definite number due to the layout that you choose However, you will need an equal amount of each.

If you are buying fabrics, you will need about � yard of (24) different fabrics. Include both light and dark in your fabric selection.

Pre-cutting Instructions

Bring all cut squares, as well as left over fabrics, to class.

Have fun selecting your fabrics, and cutting them. This is a great scap quilt, so enjoy the process.